Online Loyalty Rewards for EVERYONE


Welcome to the Tai Tai Pie Pies Online Loyalty Rewards Program

Every purchase is rewarded instantly, just shop and collect points and redeem them whenever you order online again.

It's easy to be rewarded with Tai Tai Pie Pies. Just shop and receive points for every order... Actually for every HKD spent online, you receive 1 Rewards Point. Once you have collected 1,000 Rewards Point you can already start redeeming your points.

Loyalty Rewards

Additionally, you can refer your friends and associates to our Rewards System and you will receive for every new customer referred 500 Rewards Points for free and to make your referral even more enticing for your friends, they receive an extra 100 Points as well.

Stay up to date with your current Points Collection from within your Account in the Area "My Loyalty Points" .

And if you want to redeem your point just look inside your shopping cart for the "Redeem Loyalty Points" Area and use them as you like.

Your points never expire, so start collecting and rewarding yourself right now!

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